Your Beauty Statement

pen Personality

     We support women and their own Individuality, enable women to look great feel amazing and empower others to do the same.

nique Vision

    Our vision is that women can enjoy feeling amazing, having the ability to perform with great beauty and continue to take care of the planet and themselves .

ove & Passion

    With a love for creating a product with is safe,healthy and easy to use. The passion of brand runs through all of our work. Our passion for the incredible planet which all call home, a love of colour has inspired the brand to be.

ttractive Product

    The colours of our products are designed around the modern woman. We want to create the products which are not only exceptional within the current season, but also timeless.


    We know that people are becoming more aware of their own personal health and care. We are confident that our products which provides piece of mind for women who are conscious of health and well being.

Skin to Skin Collection

Inspiration : Det är en kollektion inspirerad av en av våra fem grundpelare - LOVE

Vår filosofi: "Skin to skin" (Your Skin to my skin (produkten)) Det är en ultimat intimitet mellan dig och din bästis. (Vår produkt) Du tycker om att vara med henne. Du litar på henne. Du behöver henne och du känner henne. På samma sätt vill vi vara med dig, vi agerar som din andra hud genom att ge den bästa mjuka beröring, bästa kvaliteten och viktigast av allt: Vi älskar dig. 
Njut av den enklaste intima hud-till-hudupplevelsen med oss.

About OULAC Cosmetics

Meet OULAC Cosmetics

OULAC Cosmetics born from society’s demand to become more and more conscious about health, lifestyle and environmental choices.

With respect to the environment and customer safety, we produce innovating products without compromising our commitment to animal welfare, safety regulations and environmental protection, providing a better World for all.

OULAC Cosmetics make-up collection consist different formulations, finishes and shades, for a flawless look without unnecessary chemicals.

High-performing formulas for beautiful finish. Quality pigments. Intensive colors. Skin Perfection.

OULAC empowers women to unveil their unique personality and celebrate beauty of life in all its forms.

OULAC is not just another brand name, it is a unique proposition for the universal women. We create products for every special you, so unique like you.

OULAC is more than cosmetics.

It’s Your Personal Beauty Statement.

Oulac Internationellt