Om Oulac

Beauty starts from the heart. It is the creation of an independent style and a happy expression from inside to outside.

Brand Inspiration

The unique soul of the brand originated from the pursuit of Greek color dream and expression of female beauty.


Our Open personality

Women should be encouraged to wear whatever make them feel fabulous. No matter what the occasion and their individual taste are. Oulac believes that this should start at the tips of their fingers. Oulac is a brand that supports women and their own individuality, enabling them to look great, feel amazing and empower
others to do the same.

Our Unique vision

Oulac is a brand which represents health, wellness
and empowerment. We don’t believe that beauty should be harmful to
our bodies or the environment. Our vision is that women can enjoy feeling amazing,
have the ability to perform with great nails, and
continue to take care of the planet and themselves!


Our Love & Passion

Oulac is completely dedicated to the cause of
empowering women. With a love for creating a product which is safe,
healthy and easy to use, the passion of Oulac
brand runs through all of our work. Our passion for the incredible planet which we all call home, along with a love of color have inspired the
brand to be what it is today.

Our Attractive Product

Not only we are driven by creating a healthy,
environmentally friendly product, but also we love color!
The colors in the Oulac series are designed based on
the modern woman. We want to create colors which
are not only exceptional within the current season, but
also timeless. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that the brand is current
and can offer what women are searching for.

Our  Confidence

None of this would be possible, if we don’t have
confidence in the brand we create. We know that people are becoming more aware of their own personal health and care, as well as the environment. Oulac is confident that our products provide peace of mind for women who are conscious
of their health and well being.

We have a sound service system and process.

Oulac always has the spirit of continuous innovation, and constantly improves the brand’s service and system. Currently we have a diversified and comprehensive international business team, providing the most worry-free and assured assistance as well as support for each partner. With the most effortless and labor-saving investment, Oulac obtains the maximum revenue.

We have a super-luxury star mentor team.

Oulac has a team of luxury star mentors headed by Natalia, a Russian Manicure master, and Peter, a domestic cosmetic master.It provides practical guidance for partners, professional aesthetic teaching, service and long term technical guidance for every customer who pursues beauty.

Product Quality Assured

1.Quality assurance:odorless, environmentally friendly and healthy, free of harmful substances, natural plant raw materials, solid color, high saturation,high self-leveling, silk smooth, easy to smear, strong adhesion,water luster, lasting bright,long-lasting,flexible brush head, easy to operate,all products are certified by authorities. complete certificates.


After-sales Service Assured

Market share:Our products have been sold in 34 Provincial Administrative Regions. Oulac has agents in every provincial capital city.For a brand that was established in 2013, of course, we can’t compare with a brand that has been built for 10 years or more. Most of our customers are introduced by our old customers. In the nail industry, friends bring friends. If they think it’s a good product, they will introduce friends to do it together. We win market share by a good reputation.