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Cat Eye Magnet

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Product Name: High-end Metal Flower Magnetic Pen
Size: 14.2cm

Packing: single-pack opp bag
  This is all metal, very magnetic!

Magnetic stop?

You can easily get the cat eye effect in 5-10 seconds.
High technology and high quality.
A necessary tool for CAT EYE-style gel polish?
Easy and fast to create beautiful nails for long-lasting magic nails.

How to use the magnetic board:
1. Nail files with sponge file,
2. Shaped nail with steel push,
3. Apply primer wiat 5 seconds apply thin layer of base coat,
4. curing gel under UV lamp 2 min
5. Apply a thin layer of Cat's Eye gel cure under UV lamp 2 min
6. Apply a thin layer of cat's eye gel again,
7. With the original alignment of the magnet surface, the nails absorb the magnet decision of the direction lines,
8. Apply a coat of top cure gel under UV lamp 2 min

Package includes:

1 X Cat Eye Magnet Stick

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